Rethink how you navigate complex and sensitive environments.

Here at Stratum, we design bespoke security solutions to address the traditional and contemporary threat of malicious human intervention. Our measures are designed to safeguard people, to prevent unauthorised access to property, and to protect assets against sabotage, damage and theft.

Stratum’s risk mitigation strategies are designed around our clients using their risk profiles and preferences as our guide. We understand that each client is unique and that no two share the same risk profile. We know that security solutions are not templates that can or should be applied indiscriminately. 

We understand these concepts implicitly which is why we adopt an interdisciplinary and systems approach to our risk management strategies. We invest time and resources into getting to know our clients’ risk profiles through a series of comprehensive assessment and interactive processes. We then analyze and map this data to make security recommendations tailored specifically to what they need.

Assessments and Consulting

Stratum is routinely engaged in the provision of personal and corporate security assessments. The aim of these assessments is to determine relevant threats and to identify any vulnerabilities that may exist with current security measures.

Our on-ground physical analysis and data-driven research allows us to develop a comprehensive understanding of a client’s unique risk profile. Once established, we use this foundation as a guide to design a tailored security program to meet each of our clients’ individual needs.

Due Diligence and Investigations

With the ever-increasing scrutiny that goes with being an industry leader, organizations are expected to know more about those they employ as well as interact and transact with. An oversight in any of these areas can prove financially and reputationally costly.

Stratum’s experienced investigative resources are focused on uncovering potential issues in a discreet and confidential manner. This information can enable our clients to make sound and informed decisions through intelligence-driven risk mitigation strategies.

Executive Protection

Stratum specializes in providing executive protection services to individuals whose eminence requires it. We provide consummate professionals who deliver an uncompromising protection service through a concierge-centered approach. This dual focus sees our clients enjoy a marked increase in their personal safety as well as enhancing their daily lifestyle conveniences.

Estate Protection

At Stratum, we believe that every person has the right to feel safe and secure in their own home. People should be free from the fear of crime and the actual danger of being the victim of crime, especially in their place of residence.

Stratum’s flagship estate protection services are designed to safeguard our clients and their families from crimes such as home invasions, burglary, trespassing and vandalism. We implement physical, technological and procedural processes around the preferences of our clients to create tailored and non-invasive physical protection solutions.

Uniformed Services

Stratum provides uniformed security services for those clients who are seeking a more overt and unmistakable security presence. Whether it’s to provide security to your neighborhood, a prestigious event, corporate offices, or a luxury retail store, Stratum has the expertise to ensure your security needs are met with distinction.

Our team of professionals will not only provide a crime deterrence and response element, but our agents will compliment your brand and leave a positive impression with your clients, customers, and guests.